St Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church

'Mama Frini's Kitchen' 25th December 1935 - 9th August 2020

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'Mama Frini's Kitchen'

Frini started what is now known as 'Mama Frini's Kitchen' on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday she would come to church with her shopping and cook for those who needed a warm home cooked meal to enjoy after the Paraklisi.

This was over 9 years ago. It started off with 30 people and has now filled with people from all walks of life who come along to create new friendships, find comfort, kindness, love and peace. In fact, what is also beautiful is that through this loving community 8 couples have met and married and created their own families, and brought them to the church of our wonderful Saint Nectarios.

Along the way Frini taught her cooking skills to all those that were interested, and they in turn have taught her skills to others.

Everyone became her child. Her memory at Agios Nectarios will live on, and her kindness and love towards this community will always be remembered.

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