Simple, fair fees - no hidden charges!

We believe in keeping our charges simple and transparent. Unlike some other fundraising platforms, there are no hidden setup or subscription fees – it is free to set up your campaign and we only charge for our service based on the actual funds raised.

Our Essentials (‘Basic’) Service is comparable with the service provided by other fundraising platforms and our marketing fee for this is a competitive 3% of all funds raised, including Gift Aid. Simple and fair.

The marketing fee for our unique Premium Service, where we help to create and manage your campaign, the marketing fee is just 5% of all funds raised, including Gift Aid – still less than most other fundraising platforms.

Whichever service level you choose, there is a small payment processing charge of 1.5% of the money donation only.

'Donator Pays the Fees' option

Your community can choose to cover the platform fees on your behalf, meaning that your organisation keeps 100% of the donations! We call this the ‘Donator Pays the Fee’ option.

The take-up on this option is high and that means that the net charge, even for our Premium Service, could amount to just 1.5% of total funds raised – or even less! We are confident that we offer the best value of any fundraising platform, which helps you maximise the funds raised while dramatically reducing your costs. 

You can see how our fees compare in the table below:

Fee Comparision - InvestMyCommunity fees are completely transparent

1 InvestMyCommunity charges 5% for our unique “Premium Service”

2 £180 up to £15,000: £468 for £15,000+. There is a £0 option for access to limited campaign tools. Fees are + VAT

3 Donators are asked to make an optional “tip” of 5-15% of their donation. This can be 0% should the donator choose. Assumed 5% for comparison.

4 Assumptions: £8,000 donations + £2000 Gift Aid: 160 x £50 donations: assumed 5% tip for comparison and 1% + 10p payment processing fee for Local Giving

5 Assumptions: £10,000 donations, no Gift Aid: 200 x £50 donations: assumed 5% tip for comparison

6 Donator is given the option to pay the fees


Important Note: The fees listed in the table above are based on publicly available information as at 1st March 2020 and are subject to interpretation. They may change from time to time. Please supplement this information with your own research.