Simple, fair fees - and no hidden charges!

We believe in keeping our charges simple and transparent.

There are no hidden or fixed charges – that’s no set-up fee, and no subscription fees. It doesn’t cost a penny to launch your campaign!

Our marketing fee for Essentials is 3% of funds raised, including Gift Aid.

For Premium, with all the additional features and support that comes with it, the marketing fee is 5%.

Whichever option you choose, there is a small payment processing charge of 1.5% of the money donation only. Note that we do not add a fixed amount; for example a fixed 20p adds another 4% to a £5 donation.


We will NEVER ask your donators for a tip!!

We prefer to be honest – we are a business (albeit a tiny UK business!).

We will NEVER use misleading language to (mis)represent ourselves as a non-profit organisation, nor use disingenuous language to ask your donators to “add a tip to cover our operating costs”.

Our "Donator Pays the Fee" option

InvestMyCommunity is 100% transparent: we tell every donator exactly how much our fees are for their donation, and we offer them the OPTION to cover our fees on your behalf of the foundation, so that you receive 100% of their gift.

This is completely discretionary and InvestMyCommunity earns the same fee whether the donator chooses to cover it or not. Nevertheless, take-up on this option is typically high; the net charge for Premium could be as low as just 1.5% of total funds raised – or even less – so you receive more of the funds raised.

The BEST value? You decide...

With simple, transparent fees, no fixed fees and with the option of your donators covering our charges on your behalf, we are confident that we offer the best value of any fundraising platform. Plus, should you opt for Premium, then you get all of those additional features and support to maximise your success.

You can see how our fees compare in the table below so you can decide for yourself.