Affordable digital fundraising!

InvestMyCommunity is committed to providing affordable access to digital fundraising for ALL charities, non-profits and community organisations.

With no set-up or subscription fees it doesn’t cost a penny to start fundraising with us.

And because we are the only* full feature fundraising platform to offer your donors the opportunity to cover our fees on your behalf, you could receive more of the funds raised than with any other platform.

Every fundraising page also comes with a free QR code so your supporters can make a donation safely and securely from their own mobile phone almost anywhere, when it suits them – so you don’t need to buy or lease an expensive contactless payment device with all the power, connectivity and support issues that come with it.

Simple, fair fees - and no hidden charges.

Our marketing fee (platform fee) for Premium with loads of content, photos and videos, a full suite of features including individual and teams fundraising, “In Memoriam” and “Occasions” pages and the support of a dedicated campaign manager, is just 5% funds raised including Gift Aid.

If you prefer our DIY option to run a simple campaign with basic tools, then Essentials is 3% of funds raised.

Whichever option you choose, there is a small flat payment processing charge of 1.5% of the money donation only. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge an additional “+20p”. Why is that important? Simply because the most popular donation is £10 so a 1.9% + 20p payment processing fee is actually a hefty 3.9%. Quite a difference.

Our "Donor Pays the Fees" option - how does it work?

*With the closure of Virgin Money Giving in November 2021, we believe that InvestMyCommunity is now the ONLY full-feature platform in the UK to offer your supporters the option to cover its fees on your behalf.

We provide our service to you – our client charities, schools, faith organisations and sports clubs – so you should pay for that service, right?

But we do tell every supporter exactly how much we will charge you for their donation, and then we offer them the option to cover our fee on your behalf so that you receive 100% of their gift.

Whilst take-up isn’t guaranteed, a generous 70% or more of supporters often choose this option which means our net fee is typically just 1-2%** of gross donations including Gift Aid.

In fact, with take up of this option so high, you can enjoy all the additional features and support of Premium for just £5** more than Essentials for every £1,000 raised! Sounds good, right?

How is this different to a "voluntary contribution"?

It’s a very good question – there is a subtle but critical difference.

By either paying our fees on your behalf or making a “voluntary contribution” to another platform, your supporter is choosing to make a payment on top of their donation. But who benefits from their generosity?

A “voluntary contribution” is simply additional revenue for that platform. It makes no difference to how much of the funds raised you receive.

In contrast, if a supporter chooses to pay our fees on your behalf, then you receive 100% of their gift and you benefit from their generosity.

The default “voluntary contribution” requested is often as high as 15% of the donation; our fees will NEVER exceed 6.5% (and are almost always less) – so your supporters pay less, too.

You receive more, your supporters pay less. Simple.

Click below to download a PDF illustration of how our fees apply – and how InvestMyCommunity’s “Donor Pays the Fee” option could benefit your organisation.

** For illustration purposes only based on c.70% of donations being received with InvestMyCommunity’s “Donator Pays the Fee” option being taken up. No guarantee is given or implied.

The BEST value? You decide...

With simple, transparent fees, no fixed fees and with the option of your donors covering our charges on your behalf, we are confident that we offer the best value of any fundraising platform.

Check out the table below to see how our fees compare and decide for yourself.