Build your school alumni network with FutureFirst and InvestMyCommunity

FutureFirst helps state schools to build alumni networks across the UK, which provides relatable role models and positive long-term connections to former pupils so that current students can be inspired and motivated to succeed.

With more than 250,000 former students within its network and growing every week, the charity works with hundreds of state schools and colleges to connect young people with alumni and employers. 

However, there are still many schools that do not have their own alumni network and so they are missing out on inspiring speakers, mentors and alumni governors.

The cost of FutureFirst membership is £2,250 and you can use the InvestMyCommunity platform to raise part or all of these funds.

Schools can raise funds through their alumni communities too for a whole variety of causes working in partnership with FutureFirst and InvestMyCommunity.

How can FutureFirst help your school?

  • Support from our experienced staff to build and expand your alumni network

  • Materials around confidence, mental health and resilience

  • Streamlined resource toolkit with over 50 ideas to engage alumni

  • Specialist press and media support to spread the word

  • Bespoke posters showcasing the success of your alumni

  • Online workshops involving alumni volunteers and FutureFirst that you can reuse

Want to find out more?

Visit, email or call +44 207 239 8933.

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