What's included in InvestMyCommunity Premium?

With InvestMyCommunity Premium, we support you at every step of the campaign creation and management process. Our experts in campaign design, management and content development are available to help our Premium customers build successful campaigns.


Campaign Strategy
& Design

With our Premium service, we work with you to plan and design your digital fundraising campaign. Once, we understand your goals, we will work with you to build a campaign to meet them.


Content and
Communications Support

Our team of content and copywriting experts will work with you to design the look, feel, words and media items to go on your fundraising campaign page. We also help you design and deliver high impact communications to promote your project.



While you build your own page with our Essentials service, with Premium, we help you prepare and publish your dedicated campaign fundraising page drawing on our expertise and experience of working with organisations on similar campaigns.


Active Campaign
Monitoring & Advice

While your project campaign is running, or throughout the duration of a Regular Giving campaign, we will keep a track on the performance of your campaign. We will also contact you if donations are not going as hoped.


Extra Resources
for Your Team

InvestMyCommunity Premium gives you access to a pool of digital fundraising expertise to improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital fundraising campaign. We are like an extension of your team focused on your goals.


Your Perfect
Fundraising Partner

We provide regular mentoring and coaching support to help you get the most out of our service so that you can achieve the maximum possible success for your campaign.

Options for every fundraiser's budget

Helping local community organisations to raise funds


Our self-service package that enables you to setup and manage your own digital fundraising campaigns.
  • Self-service campaign creation: you design, develop, publish and manage your own campaigns using our tools
  • Access to our market-leading Campaign Management Platform


Our full support package including all you need for a successful digital fundraising campaign.
  • Access to our market-leading Campaign Management Platform
  • Campaign Strategy and Design
  • Content and Communications Support
  • Campaign Page Delivery
  • Active Campaign Monitoring & Advice
  • Extra Fundraising Resources